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 тутун 2011
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This is the 62-nd year from publishing the first issue of the journal "TUTUN/TOBACCO" and 88-ht year from foundation of the scientific institution for tobacco investigation. On that occasion, we shall recall of the long history of this journal and its impact on development of tobacco industry in Macedonia and wider in the areas of former Yugoslavia. The first number of TUTUN/TOBACCO" was published in January 1951 under the title "TUTUN-DUVAN", on initiative of the scientific staff of Tobacco Institute.

At that time, tobacco production in Yugoslavia had a strong horizontal and vertical increase. Considerable part of tobacco producers, however, did not have the necessary experience and tradition, and many  agricultural areas which had been used for other purposes were reallocated for tobacco production. From former Yugoslavia, tobacco production, as well as other human activities, inherited extremely primitive methods. Scientific achievements were inaccessible not only for direct producers but also for the managers and instructors from tobacco processing companies. The existing staff did not satisfy the requirements of tobacco industry neither by number nor by their vocational education. The four generations graduated from the Secondary Tobacco School could not find adequate literature to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge on tobacco. In such conditions, the appearance of the professional journal “TUTUN-DUVAN” was more than necessary. The main task of the journal was to educate the professional staff and promote tobacco industry through regular publication of the results of scientific investigations and practical experience, in order to provide the necessary expertise for direct producers and for tobacco economy in all its segments - from manual production to processing and fabrication. This journal popularized the benefits and results of the research works on tobacco in our country but it also published papers and reviews related to the experiences and latest achievements in the world.  In fact, the magazine activated all professional forces in the struggle for improvement and promotion of tobacco industry.

During this period it was going through continuous changes, but it always treated actual and contemporary items. Nowadays it is a renown journal not only in the country but much wider and authors from almost all Balkan countries are publishing their papers in it. In order to make it available to wider scientific and professional audience, from this year the journal has its web site for on-line presentation of its contents. More detailed information about the journal can be also found on the web site of Tobacco Institute-Prilep www.tip.edu.mk and via e-mail tobaccotip@yahoo.com. 

TUTUN/TOBACCO has completely justified its existence, since its foundation and the beginning of its pioneer task, through the period of transition of tobacco industry until nowadays.  Our intension were to make the journal more  accessible for wide scientific and professional  public, and in order to accomplish that Tobacco Journal has it's own web site from 2012 for on - line presentation of it's contents. The latest issue of journal is just one click away, and for other issues please go to archive.